What's going on here at ETHEREALS?

Welcome to the ETHEREAL FUN PARK™! Explore the park and start to get some glimpses of what the ETHEREALS will be all about. We're just a couple of weeks from launching our ETHEREALS NFT collection in early October 2021. We're actively building a fun and engaged community that love NFTs as much as we do. We have a bunch of events planned, so #🙋 introduce yourself, hang out with our members in #💬 general, and stay tuned for updates!

For the launch, we highly recommend using a Metamask wallet to mint your ETHEREAL. Learn more about Metamask at https://metamask.io/ 

What are the ETHEREALS?

ETHEREALs are 12,345 hand drawn, randomly generated, interdimensional ghosts. Their traits are pulled from all reaches of the metaverse and include surprising mashups of cultural references all the way down to super-insider rarities. 

How Can I Get The Best Priced ETHEREAL?

Being active on our Discord channel and other social platforms will help you lock in a position for presale. We will be rewarding our community with exclusive presale admission, prizes and rare giveaways for folks that stay engaged and are active in building the ETHEREALS community.

How much will an ETHEREAL FUN PARK™ Admission Ticket  cost to mint?

0.0678 ETH Minting October 7 2021

What is the max mint size at launch and total supply?

The max mint size is set at 10 ETHEREAL FUN PARK™s per transaction. We don't want to discourage those looking to collect and connect to our community, but we also don't want to encourage whales who would pull ETHEREALS away from those genuinely interested in what our community offers.

12,345 total supply

What makes ETHEREALS special?

This project was conceived by like-minded NFT advocates, through the social media app, Clubhouse. We believe that there are opportunities for individual creators to come together to create a community outside of the traditional publishing and entertainment channels. ETHEREALS is a chance for US ALL to co-create on the blockchain as a universal audience. We hope to elevate the space of NFTs, through education and community, to break down barriers to collaboration between fans and creators.

What's on the ETHEREAL FUN PARK Discord server?

All Discord members will have access to the server and the channels in the Fun Park. However, we will also implement hidden channels specific to ETHEREALS owners. To gain exclusive access to additional hidden channels you must hold verified tokens of specific NFTs or social tokens in your MetaMask Wallet.

I have minted a ETHEREALS Admission Ticket but it is a gif with a question mark!? What does this mean?

Don't worry, this is totally normal. We are sending out placeholder images in advance of the reveal! We hope you enjoy the placeholder, and it will be replaced with your final ETHEREAL NFT when minting is complete.

Where does my NFT go after I purchase my ETHEREAL FUN PARK™ Admission Ticket? 

This is simply a placeholder while your ETHEREAL is being minted. Your final ETHEREAL NFT will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the ETHEREAL. You can see your final ETHEREAL in multiple locations: on our website by clicking MY ETHEREALS, or view them on OpenSea once it is minted. 

Where can I go and mint my ETHEREAL FUN PARK™ Admission Ticket?

After the countdown finishes you will be able to go to our website at ethereals.wtf. From there you will just need to navigate to our minting page, and select the number of ETHEREAL FUN PARK™ tickets you would like to mint your ETHEREAL. Once you have selected this amount, you will need to confirm the transaction (including the cost of the gas transaction fee). It may take several minutes for your ETHEREAL FUN PARK™ ticket to be delivered as it is being minted on the blockchain.

Is there a resale fee?

Yes! We have opted for a secondary market fee of 5%, this does not include the 2.5% fee that will be charged when selling on OpenSea. Total resale fees (not including gas fees) will be 7.5% of your sale price. As a reminder, we have no control and do not profit from any gas fees in any way.

I participated in the pre-sale, am I an OG ETHEREAL NFT holder?

OG ETHEREAL status was guaranteed to the first 500 members who joined our Discord and verified. This was done by needing to verify your status upon joining the VERIFICATION channel on Discord and clicking the smiley face emoji under the RULES in that channel. OG ETHEREAL's get their OG status and PRESALE status! Sadly we will not be offering OG status for Discord or TW engagement, but we do love giving out prizes to show our love for the community! So if you didn’t make OG status, don’t worry! You can still get PRESALE status without being an OG and most importantly, we are going to be admitting a few more presale qualifiers who were active in our Discord community before the drop. So keep those Discord community vibes flowing!

What are the different rarities of ETHEREALS?

(More detail is coming soon)

Are ETHEREALS giving back to the community?

One of the number one goals with the ETHEREALS project is to support the community. As depicted in our road map the ETHEREALs are creating a fund for FUN. We will identify 12 key cities to partner with groups that service underserved communities with a focus on kids and creativity. We will sponsor getaways and will gift groups tools to get creative. We want to inspire and support the next generation of NFT creators.

How can I trade my ETHEREAL?

The only secure ways to trade are NFTtrader.io , SudoSwap.xyz , swap.kiwi . These are tools that you can use to trade securely with a second party, but should only be used if you know what you are doing. If you are new to crypto or NFTs, we strongly suggest you don't attempt to trade. Simply sell your ETHEREAL for a "Buy Now" price on OpenSea. It is not uncommon to  be scammed in an attempt to trade collectables and it's heartbreaking. 

Tips to stay safe when trading:

  1. Never send your ETHEREAL to someone expecting they will send you theirs back.
  2. Never use a middleman as an Escrow. People can easily impersonate others on Discord.
  3. No mod on our server will ever escrow your trade, so don't believe someone if they say they are a mod and will do so.
  4. If we catch someone even suggesting using a middleman, they will be banned – as they're either dangerously naive, or an outright scammer.